Are you making the best your career?

Are you moving forward, or do you feel like you’re drifting (or drowning…)?

It’s not that you don’t enjoy your job.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, you’re well respected by your colleagues and clients and you genuinely like what you do.

But you don’t feel like you’re firing on all cylinders. You feel like you’ve got more to give, but you can’t figure out what’s stopping you. You’re busy, too busy even, but that’s not translating into results.

Maybe you’ve just been promoted and you’re not sure how to handle the extra responsibility.

Maybe you’ve just started a new role and want to take the opportunity to start afresh, but aren’t sure how.

How can you stop feeling like it’s all a bit of a struggle? It all seems to come so easily to others – why not you? How do you shake that feeling that you’re an imposter and at some point your colleagues are going to find out?

Here’s how I can help

I believe that everyone can be happy, fulfilled and successful in their career.

Work with me and we’ll figure out how to make your work a fit for you.

You’ll find out what sort of work lights you up and leaves you feeling satisfied and proud of what you do, and how you can do less of the things you don’t enjoy.

You’ll uncover the things that are important to you – your strengths, what you enjoy, your values – and learn how to live those things to the full.

You’ll create a roadmap of the actions you can take to start to enjoy work again.

And you’ll overcome those thoughts, feelings and doubts you might have which are holding you back and preventing you from taking positive action.

Or you could just carry on as you are and try to make the best of it

You could resign yourself to drifting along, allowing your career to happen to you rather than you taking charge of it.

But my gut tells me that you don’t want to do that.

Here’s why I can help you

I’ve been the person who was just existing.  But I wasn’t going to resign myself to it any more.

I’ve been coached myself.  I know the transformative power coaching can have.

I’m independent. I’m interested in you and you alone. I’m not your boss or a colleague and have no vested interest in what you do at work or how you’re doing it.

Yes, you might be able to figure things out for yourself, read the self-help books, listen to the podcasts, but how long is that going to take?  A lot longer than if you work with someone who believes in you and who can walk alongside you as you navigate your own path.

On the Change Work Life podcast I’ve interviewed well over 100 people about their careers, what makes them tick and how you can do things differently.

I can help you find your path. I can help you take the action to walk along it and succeed in your career.

Here are the results you can get from working with me

I was stuck with limiting beliefs and analysis paralysis to understand what the next step would be for me.

The biggest result I had from working with Jeremy was gaining clarity in what I look for in my job based on values, strength and long-term goals and to reframe certain thought patterns.”

– Micael N, Basel, Switzerland

My biggest problem was motivation to continue in something I’d been working on for many years.  My enthusiasm was waning and the pandemic working situation had left me struggling with a need to get out of a perceived career ‘rut’.

It was great to ‘offload’ about work.  I felt comfortable talking to Jeremy about my career, aspirations and current challenges.

I am much more clear in what I need from an employer and what I need from a role. I have realised a few points about my situation too that were previously lost on me and I am also working in a slightly different way too.  It’s working better for me.

– James W, London

Want to find out more?

Your transformation starts with a free 30 minute coaching call.

You ask me whatever you need to get comfortable that I can help you.

I find out from you what you need help with.

And we take it from there.

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