Want to avoid the Sunday evening blues?

Are you excited about what the week holds for you?

Or do you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that the weekend is already nearly over, and it’s another five long days before you get another break ?

If you want to make the changes, big or small, to become the person who genuinely enjoys what they do for a living, for whom work isn’t work and who looks forward to getting up on a Monday morning, this is the place for you.

Learn from the people who have been there before, who weren’t prepared to accept a mediocre version of “normal” and who’ve taken action.

They’ve done it, and now you can too.

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Episode 139: How to get the most out of LinkedIn – with Jeremy Schifeling of The Job Insiders
13 September 2022

Jeremy Schifeling, former hiring manager at LinkedIn and founder of The Job Insiders, explains what LinkedIn can be used for, how you can best optimise your LinkedIn profile and ways you can use LinkedIn to change your career.

Episode 138: How to work remotely from anywhere, even when you have a full-time job – with Ali Greene of Remote Works
30 August 2022

Ali Greene is a full-time remote worker who helps people and companies make their work more freeing and flexible. She explains the difference between working from home and working remotely, what the digital nomad lifestyle really looks like, and how to find remote components in any job.

Episode 137: How to start meditating and why you should do it – with Josh Schmidt
16 August 2022

Life and meditation coach Josh Schmidt explains the benefits of meditation, how to start a mediation practice and ways to fit meditation into a busy schedule.

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