Want to avoid the Sunday evening blues?

Are you excited about what the week holds for you?

Or do you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that the weekend is already nearly over, and it’s another five long days before you get another break ?

If you want to make the changes, big or small, to become the person who genuinely enjoys what they do for a living, for whom work isn’t work and who looks forward to getting up on a Monday morning, this is the place for you.

Learn from the people who have been there before, who weren’t prepared to accept a mediocre version of “normal” and who’ve taken action.

They’ve done it, and now you can too.

Change Your Career for a Better Working Life

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Episode 116: Help, I’ve just been promoted – what do I do now? – with Ken Coleman
30 November 2021

“America’s Career Coach” Ken Coleman discusses how to make the most out of a promotion and what to do when taking on a leadership role for the first time.

Episode 115: Choosing the right company to work for – with Lindsay Gordon of A Life of Options
23 November 2021

Career coach Lindsay Gordon explains how to find a job that’s a good fit for you and how you can use the interview process to assess if a potential employer’s values align with your own.

Episode 114: Controlling your destiny, switching things up and diving down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole – with Gerbz of BitLift
16 November 2021

BitLift founder and cryptocurrency expert Gerbz describes what went wrong when he sold his business and started to work in corporate, how he switched things up and how diving down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole has enabled him to take control of his destiny.

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