Want to avoid the Sunday evening blues?

Are you excited about what the week holds for you?

Or do you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that the weekend is already nearly over, and it’s another five long days before you get another break ?

If you want to make the changes, big or small, to become the person who genuinely enjoys what they do for a living, for whom work isn’t work and who looks forward to getting up on a Monday morning, this is the place for you.

Learn from the people who have been there before, who weren’t prepared to accept a mediocre version of “normal” and who’ve taken action.

They’ve done it, and now you can too.

Change Your Career for a Better Working Life

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Episode 111: How organisations and leaders can get the most out of their employees (and what you can do to help them) – with Jack Broadley of Pelorus Consulting
26 October 2021

Jack Broadley of Pelorus Consulting explains the benefits of organisations improving their employee engagement, how workplaces can better leverage the strengths of their staff, the importance of leaders adopting a coaching approach and the steps you can take to encourage this within your organisation.

Episode 110: Changing your workplace after Covid – with Sarah Hosein of Sarah Hosein Coaching
19 October 2021

Leadership coach Sarah Hosein discusses how organisations can make a new and better workplace post-Covid and how you can approach conversations at work to encourage those changes.

Episode 109: How to work with a recruiter – with Jose Marchena of Coffee with a Recruiter
12 October 2021

Jose Marchena talks about the different types of recruiter, what you can do to maximise your success when working with recruiters and how to cultivate strong relationships.

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