Love weekends, hate Sunday nights?

It’s Sunday evening.  You’re clearing up from your evening meal and starting to think about the week ahead.

How do you feel?

Are you excited about what the week holds for you?  Looking forward to when your alarm goes off on Monday morning?  Can’t wait to get back to the day job?

Or do you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?  That feeling that can’t believe the weekend is already nearly over, and then it’s another five long days before you get another all-too-brief two-day break.  Then it’s rinse and repeat.

You don’t necessarily hate your job.  You’ve been doing it for a fair few years now.  You’re pretty good at it, you’re well respected by your clients and colleagues and, yes, you’re actually quite well paid.

It’s just that it doesn’t get you particularly excited any more.  You can think of a hundred other things you’d rather be doing if you didn’t have to earn a living.

But you’ve got to keep at it, right?  You’ve got a family to support and bills to pay.  And why would you throw away all that experience and expertise, and those hard-earned qualifications, to start again?  I mean, a job’s a job, it’s normal to feel like this, right? It’s not so bad, really, and once you get to retirement (is 25 years that long?) things will be much better.  Won’t they….? It’s worth the wait. Isn’t it….?

If you’re the first person, the person who can’t wait to wake up on a Monday morning, then congratulations, you’re in a position many people believe they can only dream about.

But if you’re the second person, you’ve come to the right place.  We’re all about making the changes, big or small, to become the person who genuinely enjoys what they do for a living, for whom work isn’t work and, yes, who looks forward to getting up on a Monday morning.

Welcome to Change Work Life.

You’re not the first.  And here’s why that’s brilliant.

You’re here because “work’s ok” just won’t cut it any more.  You’re sure it can’t be right that barely tolerating (rather than actually enjoying) what you do for a living is “normal”.

You just don’t yet know what to do about it.

Well, I’ve got good news for you.  Great news, in fact.

You’re not the first.  There are people who have been in your position before, who weren’t prepared to accept this mediocre version of “normal”, and who’ve taken action.

And why’s that such good news?  Because it means there are people out there you can learn from.  People who can help you. People who have been where you are now, who’ve made changes, who now love what they do (really!).  And there are people who have made it their mission to help you get where you want to be.

And the best part?

They want to tell you all about it.  They want to share their story with you. They want to show you the changes they’ve made, how they made them and how it’s helped them.  It’s not that they want to brag about it. It’s just that they were where you are, they remember your pain, and they want to help you.

They’re my guests on the Change Work Life podcast.  They’ve changed their working life for the better. And if they’ve done it, so can you.

Can’t hurt to listen to what they have to say, can it?

And you are….?

I’m Jeremy Cline, and I’m a coach and the host of the Change Work Life podcast.

I’m also:

  • A husband to an amazing wife
  • The proud father of a beautiful daughter
  • A keen musician (I’ve been playing the flute for over thirty years – I wonder if I should be a better player by now…)
  • A property investor (with a really small portfolio)
  • A former lawyer who helped some of the wealthiest families on the planet

And I want to know this stuff just as much as you do.

I started the podcast because I was starting to question where I want to get to in life and how I’d like the journey to look.

Don’t get me wrong, my day job was interesting enough.  I liked a lot of the people I worked with, both colleagues and clients.  I’d been doing it a long time. It helped me support my family.

But it was a long commute in.  I didn’t get much time to see my family at the start or the end of the working day.  My weekends were taken up with those personal admin jobs there just isn’t time for during the week.

My work felt largely about furthering someone else’s dream.

Is this what I want for the next 25 years?

When I come to reflect on my life, will I look back and nod my head in satisfaction that I followed my dream, or made a difference, or lived my life to the fullest? Or will I look back and think, “really”? This is what I did with my forty or so years of working life?

I started to ask myself these questions, and began the Change Work Life podcast so that I can share the answers I find with you.

And now I’m making changes. As a direct result of the podcast I’ve made changes to my career and have started coaching

I want to let you in on how my story plays out and help you with yours.  Our journeys won’t be the same, but everything we learn along the way will help us get to where we should be and where we deserve to be.

What parents teach their kids, even if they don’t realise it

In all this, I can’t help thinking about my mum.  I never got the impression that she was really happy at work.  She worked really hard to qualify as an accountant after taking time off to raise me and my brother, but I vividly remember (on more than one occasion) her singing “I don’t want to go to work”.

She was holding out for retirement.  She and my dad had been smart enough to make sure that they’d have a comfortable standard of living when they both stopped work.  They loved to travel. They loved to go on walking holidays. They were both fit and healthy. They just had to hold out for a few more years before they could stop work and spend their time doing what they wanted.

And then cancer took my mum.  She was 57.

And the plans for what my mum and dad were going to do together once they’d both retired came to nothing.

Is that the gamble we have to take?  The eventual pay off for putting up with “work’s ok” depends on us living long enough to enjoy retirement? Assuming, that is, that we can and even want to retire?

That, if anything, brought things into sharp focus for me.  Whilst I don’t know the answers yet, I really want to find out and help you do the same.

Change starts here

So, do you:

  • Identify with the person who dreads Sunday evenings almost as much as Monday mornings?
  • Wonder if you should just accept your lot?
  • Fear that, if you don’t make changes, you’ll look back on your life with a sense of regret that you couldn’t have done more, or better?
  • Worry that, if retirement is what it’s all about, you might not live long enough to get there?

If the answer to even just one of these questions is “yes” then listen in, subscribe to the podcast and join me.  I want to find out how to enjoy a better working life, and I’d love to help you find out too.

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