What career is right for you?

Thinking about a career change but don’t know what else you could do?

It’s not that you’re not good at what you do.

You’re well respected by colleagues and clients. You’ve got great prospects. You’re well paid.

But you just don’t enjoy the work. You can’t carry on like this. You fantasize about moving on to something else and have started to polish up your CV. You don’t want to do this work for the next 20+ years of your working life.

Thing is, it’s all you’ve ever done. What else could you do? What would you enjoy? Will you be wasting all the education and experience you’ve built up? Will you have to take a pay cut? You’re not qualified to do anything else, so will you have to go back to school?

You just feel so lost!

Here’s how I can help

I believe that everyone can be happy, fulfilled and successful in their career.

Work with me and you’ll find out what sort of work will light you up and leave you feeling satisfied and proud of what you do.

You’ll uncover the things that are important to you – your strengths, what you enjoy, your values – and learn how to live those things to the full.

You’ll create a roadmap of the actions you can take to start to enjoy work again.

And you’ll overcome those thoughts, feelings and doubts you might have which are holding you back and preventing you from taking positive action.

Or you could just carry on as you are and try to make the best of it

You could resign yourself to making the money you want to make, to trying to make some memories outside of work, to taking care of the family without really enjoying how you’re doing it.

You could say to yourself, “Well, this is what it is.  I missed my moment.  And so now I’m just going to kind of exist.”

But my gut tells me that you don’t want to do that.

Here’s why I can help you

I’ve been the person who was just existing.  But I wasn’t going to resign myself to it any more.

I’ve been coached myself.  I know the transformative power coaching can have.

I’m independent. I’m not your boss or a colleague and have no vested interest in how you’re doing at work or whether you choose to stay or leave.

Yes, you might be able to figure things out for yourself, but how long is that going to take?  A lot longer than if you work with someone who believes in you and who can walk alongside you as you navigate your own path.

On the Change Work Life podcast I’ve interviewed well over 100 people about their careers, what makes them tick and how you can do things differently.

I can help you find your path. I can help you take the action to walk along it.

Here are the results you can get from working with me

Jeremy has a unique gift in asking questions that will completely change your perspective of a problem you’re facing. He’s politely challenged me to reassess my approach and thought processes around my career, which has led to some paradigm shifts about the way I see work, my skills, and the type of company I want to work for.

He’s been a breath of fresh air to my life. I’ve been disheartened for some time about where to go next in my career, what opportunities would/wouldn’t be appropriate for me, and I felt like I was just floundering without any progress. Jeremy has changed all of that for me. I have a positive and excited outlook again. I have a much better understanding of my skills/personality/work style. Finally, he’s helped me realize “what’s been missing” in my work life, why I haven’t really enjoyed my career for the last few years. I never realized how much I was missing a “mission-oriented” work environment and I’m thrilled to be headed in that direction now!

– Jason W, Birmingham, Alabama

Working with Jeremy allowed me to focus on different aspects such as developing my confidence and setting goals for my new career path.  The coach sessions have allowed me to observe myself in ways I never thought of before. The questions he asks during our sessions are very intriguing.  Each session is unique, with a different approach to each topic, so the experience is always new and refreshing.  The exercises he proposes are also a great complement to the sessions, it allows you to think outside the box.  Jeremy makes things much more succinct and actionable than I was expecting.

Since I’ve started working with Jeremy I feel more motivated, focused and confident.  Jeremy’s coaching was instrumental in helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses, explore my interests and to develop a plan to move forward.  I am grateful for his guidance, which helped me to focus on analysing key aspects, such as my strengths and values in order to plan my next career goals.

– Viviane F, London

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I find out from you what you need help with.

And we take it from there.

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