Our guests have been super helpful by recommending the resources that have helped them through there own career changes.

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NameRecommended by
Book Yourself Solid, Michael PortCollette Philip in Episode 2
Choose Yourself, James AlchuterTom Harris in Episode 3
Designing Your Life, Bill BurnettTom Harris in Episode 3
Just Play, Nick BottiniAnnie Dehaney-Steven in Episode 4
10X Rule, Grant CardoneAli Temple in Episode 5
How To Win And Keep Clients, International Authority For Professional Coaching and MentoringAli Temple in Episode 5
Ayuveda books by Vasant LadMichelle Smith in Episode 6
Unlocking the Customer Value Chain, Thales S. TeixeiraSara Sabin in Episode 7
Profit from Happiness, Jake DuceySara Sabin in Episode 7
The Hypno-Fast Programme: The Easy Way To Beat Type 2 Diabetes, Adrian MuxlowAdrian Muxlow in Episode 9
You Are a Badass, Jen SinceroHannah Ciepiela in Episode 10
Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-ThomasDawn Fry in Episode 12
Midlife is NOT a Crisis, Kim SearleKim Searle in Episode 14
Atomic Habits, James ClearStacey Ogden in Episode 18
Reasons to Stay Alive, Matt Haig Miles Chapman in Episode 19
What Colour Is Your Parachute, Richard N Bolles Margaret Buj in Episode 21
Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office, Lois P Frankel Margaret Buj in Episode 21
Reinventing You, Dorie ClarkMargaret Buj in Episode 21
Stand Out, Dorie ClarkMargaret Buj in Episode 21
The Alchemist, Paulo CoehloLauretta Ihonor in Episode 24
The Multi-Hyphen Method: Work Less, Create More and Design a Career That Works for You, Emma GannonCaroline Adams in Episode 25
Crush It, Gary VaynerchuckPete Matthew in Episode 27
Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert KiyosakiPete Matthew in Episode 27
Meaningful Money Handbook, Pete MatthewPete Matthew in Episode 27
Ego is the Enemy, Ryan HolidayPete Matthew in Episode 27


NameDescriptionRecommended by
Google DriveCloud storageMichelle Smith in Episode 6
UpworkFreelancing websiteAustin Belcak in Episode 8
Wix.comWebsite builderJane Marshall in Episode 15
123 Reg Domain name registrationJane Marshall in Episode 15
Simply Business (with community Crunch Chorus)Business insuranceJane Marshall in Episode 15
FreeagentAccounting softwarePete Matthew in Episode 27
XeroAccounting softwarePete Matthew in Episode 27


NameRecommended by
How To Tutor Online, Deeny JuddAnnie Dehaney-Steven in Episode 4
Deepak Choprah and Oprah Winfrey’s 21 day meditation challengesMichelle Smith in Episode 6
UdemyAustin Belcak in Episode 8
CourseraAustin Belcak in Episode 8
London College of Clinical HypnosisAdrian Muxlow in Episode 9
Warrior course equine coachingGuro Eide in Episode 13
MindvalleyKim Searle in Episode 14
The Open University  Sarah Turner in Episode 20
Access TrainingTim Dickinson in Episode 23


NameRecommended by
The FuturCollette Philip in Episode 2
Brand By Me blogCollette Philip in Episode 2
Work Smart HypnosisAdrian Muxlow in Episode 9
Jasmine Star Facebook and Instagram pagesJordan Tilton in Episode 17
Ultimate List of Side Hustles for TeachersStacey Ogden in Episode 18
Glassdoor Margaret Buj in Episode 21
Career Sherpa blog Margaret Buj in Episode 21
New job vs new career cheat sheetLauretta Ihonor in Episode 24
RightmoveRob Dix in Episode 26
Mr Money Mustache blogRob Dix in Episode 26
Michael HyattPete Matthew in Episode 27


QuoteRecommended by
“Invest in you”, Michelle SmithMichelle Smith in Episode 6
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”, Henry FordSara Sabin in Episode 7
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, Chinese proverb, Laozi, Chapter 64 of the Tao Te ChingSara Sabin in Episode 7
“You cannot always control the situation in which you find yourself but you can control your response to it “Oliver Johnston in Episode 16
Psalm 23Jordan Tilton in Episode 17
“You can buy anything with money but you can’t buy time”Isy Otto in Episode 22


ResourceRecommended by
Podcast: Killing It – Adventures In Start-Ups And Mental HealthSara Sabin in Episode 7
Community: freeCodeCampAustin Belcak in Episode 8
Networking: Business Networking InternationalAdrian Muxlow in Episode 9
Networking: Entrepreneurs CircleDawn Fry in Episode 12
Vidoes: Brad Yates, Emotional Freedom TechniqueKim Searle in Episode 14
Podcast: Smart Passive IncomePete Matthew in Episode 27