Are you making the best of your career?

Do you know where you’re going in you career?

You’ve got a great job (at least, that’s what it seems like to others).

You’re well respected by your colleagues and clients.

Without wishing to brag, you’re very good at what you do.

You’ve got great prospects – promotion beckons, or maybe you’ve recently been promoted.

You’re well paid.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are.

So why don’t you feel like you know where you’re going in your career?

Why does it always seem so hard? And why do you always feel so overwhelmed?

You’ve always been able to grind through work.  Even if you weren’t enjoying some of your classes at school or university, you pushed on through, because you knew in the end it would be good for you and your career.

And it’s been the same since you started your professional life.

Those first few years of training when you were given those long tedious jobs to do for little thanks – you knew that was what you had to do to qualify.

Those long hours spent in the office, often at the expense of social plans or time with family – you knew that was what you had to do to get ahead.

The added expectations as you got more senior – higher revenue targets, more marketing, more people management – you knew that’s just part of being in the profession.

Only now you’re not sure if what you “knew” was right and whether it’s all worth the effort.

And, frankly, you’re just not sure you can keep going the way you are at the moment.

But isn’t this just the way it is?

No.  It doesn’t have to be like this.

Because if any of this sounds like you, chances are the work you’re doing, or how you’re doing it, isn’t aligning with who you truly are.

That’s why it seems so hard.

That’s why you sometimes fantasize about finding ways to retire early.

That’s why you occasionally think about dusting off your CV and looking for a new job.

But if you can find that alignment, you’ll find things become a whole lot easier.  And you’ll also start to perform a lot better.

Being good isn’t good enough

Being good at what you do isn’t the problem.  You wouldn’t have got where you are now if you weren’t good at what you do.

But being good at what you do and enjoying what you do aren’t always the same thing.  It’s when the work you do aligns with your own personal values and motivations that you’re more likely to enjoy, truly enjoy, what you do.

Imagine looking forward to Mondays…

When was the last time that you really looked forward to Monday morning?

Do you start Mondays thinking “Oh well, just another five days to get through”?

Can you imagine what it would be like to end the weekend without wishing away the next five days?


I believe that everyone can be happy, fulfilled and successful in their career.

I can help you make the changes which will bring you back into alignment so that you feel whole and satisfied in the work you do.

Work with me, and we’ll create a roadmap of the actions you can take to enjoy work again.

You might not need to change your job or career, just change how you do things so you’re not feeling so overwhelmed.

Or maybe the career itself doesn’t align with your values, in which case we’ll explore what might.

You have it within you to enjoy your job and to find your work hugely satisfying.  You just might benefit from a bit of help getting there.

Or you could just carry on as you are and try to make the best of it

You could resign yourself to making the money you want to make, to trying to make some memories outside of work, to taking care of the family without really enjoying how you’re doing it.

You could say to yourself, “Well, this is what it is.  I missed my moment.  And so now I’m just going to kind of exist.”

But my gut tells me that you don’t want to do that.

Here’s why I can help you

I’ve been the person who was just existing.  But I wasn’t going to resign myself to it any more.

I’ve been coached myself.  I know the transformative power coaching can have.

I’m independent. I’m not your boss or a colleague and have no vested interest in how you’re doing at work or whether you choose to stay where you are.

Yes, you might be able to figure things out for yourself, but how long is that going to take?  A lot longer than if you work with someone who believes in you and who can walk alongside you as you navigate your own path.

On the Change Work Life podcast I’ve interviewed well over 100 people about their careers, what makes them tick and how you can do things differently.

I can help you find your path.

What others have said

Here are some of the things I’ve helped people with:

  • You’re unhappy in your current job but you don’t know what to do about it
  • You’ve just started a new role (maybe even a new career) and you want help making the most of it
  • You’ve just been promoted and are worried about how you’re going to handle the extra responsibility
  • You feel like an imposter and that at some point your colleagues are going to find you out
  • You suffer from “analysis paralysis” and it’s stopping you from making decisions or getting things done
  • You want to do more of the things you enjoy but don’t know how
  • You can’t seem to get the balance right between work and everything else
  • You feel like you’re floundering about without making progress
  • You can’t carry on with the way things are at the moment

And here’s what they’ve said:

I had already a fairly good idea in which direction I wanted to go, but I was stuck with limiting beliefs and analysis paralysis to understand what the next step would be for me.
I came across the website and enjoyed listening to some podcasts from the different speakers. From there Jeremy and I connected and as I was in the middle of taking important career decisions it was very helpful to be coached at the same time.

Being an analytical person myself, I believe that the exercises, especially the WHO Test, gave me some sense of writing things down and analyzing them together to get clarity and confidence.
The biggest result I had from working with Jeremy was gaining clarity in what I look for in my next job based on values, strength and long-term goals and to reframe certain thought patterns.

You can use the podcast series and free exercises as a great source of information and then take clarity where and what you want out of the coaching.

Micael N
In just a short time working with Jeremy, I’ve already realized how flawed my past approaches have been in setting career goals, aligning my skills/weaknesses with a position that fits, and finding companies that align well with my values. Jeremy is a kind soul! He is patient, listens well, and within just a few minutes of our first meeting, I was completely comfortable being open and honest with him about my goals and thoughts.

Jeremy has a unique gift in asking questions that will completely change your perspective of a problem you’re facing. He’s politely challenged me to reassess my approach and thought processes around my career, which has led to some paradigm shifts about the way I see work, my skills, and the type of company I want to work for.
He’s been a breath of fresh air to my life. I’ve been disheartened for some time about where to go next in my career, what opportunities would/wouldn’t be appropriate for me, and I felt like I was just floundering without any progress. Jeremy has changed all of that for me. I have a positive and excited outlook again. I have a much better understanding of my skills/personality/work style. Finally, he’s helped me realized “what’s been missing” in my work life, why I haven’t really enjoyed my career for the last few years. I never realized how much I was missing a “mission-oriented” work environment and I’m thrilled to be headed in that direction now!

If you work with Jeremy, I have no doubt that you’ll have the same appreciation and gratitude for him that I do.

Jason W

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