Find your personal proof of work

I’ve thought through this idea of proof of work, of just people coming into the space and contributing their own skills, their own experience, their own network, and how do you maximise the value that you can achieve from contributing your experiences?  And that’s doing something that is unique to you, something where you’re the best, your skills and experiences.

– Grant Gilliam, Managing Partner Ten31, What Bitcoin Did podcast episode 690, 31 July 2023

A special offer for listeners of Bitcoin for Millennials

Discover the Power of Bitcoin Energy Coaching.

As a seasoned coach with a passion for bitcoin, I’m offering a unique opportunity exclusively for listeners of the Bitcoin For Millennials Podcast. Dive into the dynamic interface between bitcoin and coaching and let’s unlock your full potential together.

Whatever role you play in the bitcoin ecosystem, you’re contributing to the maintenance, development and adoption of the hardest money that has existed since someone dug a piece of yellow metal out of the ground and thought “Hey, that looks pretty”.

An image featuring a shining Bitcoin coin as the central element. Surrounding the coin is imagery symbolizing personal growth and optimimisation.

Bitcoin miners secure the network by maximising energy efficiency, both in terms of where the energy comes from and the technology used to apply it.

But how can you maximise your own personal energy and direct it in the best possible way?

What makes up the unique “you” that you can bring to the ongoing development of the network?

What are the skills and experiences you can leverage to achieve:

  • Greater personal satisfaction and enjoyment in your work?
  • Higher levels of personal accomplishment?
  • Ultimately the greater success of the bitcoin network?

Exclusive offer: a complimentary 90 minute coaching session

Navigating the bitcoin space can be thrilling yet daunting. Whether you’re exploring new opportunities or aiming to overcome challenges, our session will be tailored to help you:

  • Harness your unique skills and experiences within the bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Strategise to turn uncertainties into stepping stones for success.
  • Craft a personal roadmap to satisfaction and achievement in this pioneering field.

During your coaching session, we can answer questions like:

  • How can I change jobs or careers and start working in bitcoin?
  • How can I get promoted?  (Am I sure I even want to?)
  • How can I be a more effective manager?
  • What can I do to keep developing and avoid stagnating?
  • How do I make my work more fulfilling and enjoyable?
  • What can I do to avoid burning out?
  • What are my personal financial goals and how do I hit them?

I guarantee that within 90 minutes you’ll leave with greater clarity, calmness and actionable steps.

Why me?

I’ve spent 100s of hours learning how to be a coach and deploying those skills to help my clients change their worlds.

And since I was orange-pilled in 2020, I’ve spent 100s of hours learning about bitcoin and the profound effect it can have on humanity.

I’ve been coached myself.  I know the transformative power coaching can have.

I’m independent. I’m interested in you and you alone. I’m not your boss or a colleague and have no vested interest in what you do at work or how you’re doing it.

My approach intertwines professional coaching techniques with an understanding of bitcoin, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

Working in partnership we can make your vision a reality.

What others have said

Sessions with Jeremy enabled new ideas and ways of thinking come forward that I would not have realized on my own, and that allowed me to progress much faster than I would have stuck in my own thoughts, or even just talking to others in my own circle.  Having a dedicated coach who would hone in on my goals alongside me was immensely helpful.

– Anne T, Missouri, USA

Jeremy is wonderful and he will be of great help with whatever situation you are considering coming to him with.

– Sylva F, Italy

The result of working with Jeremy has been a solid affirmation of the direction on which I am currently finding myself. Prior to meeting with Jeremy, I had been having doubts about the choices I was making. However, through Jeremy’s advice and exercises, I have found that the paths I am on are the right ones, and I should go headfirst into them.

– Alex M, South Korea

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